Delonix regia

ABC Wednesday "W" is for Weigela Wollemia Washingtonia Wisteria Welwitschia

Weigela florida

Wollemia nobilis

Washingtonia robusta

Wisteria floribunda

Welwitschia mirabilis

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My World Tuesday

Aparador d'una botiga amb objectes per el Nadal
A shop with items for Christmas

Scenic Sunday 127

Anhalter Banhof

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Scenic Sunday


Sedum spectabile

Thanks to the hosting team of Luiz, Denise,Laerte and Sandy.

Weekend Reflections # 65

Mirror reflections

Weekend Reflections is hosted each weekend by James

Thursday's Food for Thoughts, season 1, episode 2

Pastís de xocolata d'Oriol Balaguer
Chocolate cake by Oriol Balaguer

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Sky Watch Friday,Season 4, Episode 23

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Midweek Blues

Sony Center

ABC Wednesday "V" is for Viola Vanda Vitis Victoria Viburnum

Viola tricolor hortensis

Vanda spp.

Vitis vinifera

Victoria amazonica

Viburnum tinus

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Macro Monday

Vanda spp.